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Hannity makes false claims about Obamacare - Again...

One of two things is happening, Hannity is lying, or he is inept. 
Either way it's clear to see why he was replaced with Megyn Kelly in prime time.
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Tonight on his show 2/26/14 Hannity put his guest on the spot in reference to Obamacare, The Affordable Care Act.
Hannity was arguing with the guest and insulting him, during the conversation
he said, "Seven Million people lost their health insurance due to Obamacare, how do you explain that?"
The guest was stumped and it appeared that Hannity had the upper hand.
So here is a question for Sean Hannity
Where did you come up with the number Seven Million?
In reality, many people who received notices that their plans were canceled were told they would be automatically enrolled into another plan by the same insurance company.
Here is a copy of the letter they were sent
letting them know they were NOT going to lose insurance.
In other words, the person’s health plan was “canceled” but the person was not left “without coverage".
Another thing Hannity does not want to talk
about is the fact that when the White House staff
who were administrating the transition of
the old to the new found out that there was a threat
to certain individuals plans, not the entire plan, but catastrophic
care, the kind you need if you have a massive hospital bill for
a major injury or illness, they quickly put in force
a policy that extended the cancellations until 2015.
This is still 2014, so all those folks STILL have their health insurance.
Perhaps Hannity is relying on a tweet put out
by John Boehner when the new law was first rolled out,
but the problem there is that Boehner's tweet
has already been debunked.
Here's the tweet:
“It’s official: debuts with more canceled plans than enrollments”  via @DailyCaller

Once again, this was proven to be FALSE.
Another thing:
Before the controversy ever erupted publicly, many states allowed “early renewals” that in effect allowed people to keep their old plans, usually through the end of 2014. 
Just before the holidays, the administration announced a new catastrophic exemption to fill any remaining gaps in coverage — estimated to affect as many as 500,000 people
When you study the tactics of Hannity and most
Fox News hosts, you will find that they make aggressive
angry claims and have a panel of "real Americans" to
weigh in and slam Obama and the evil healthcare plan.
If you were to ask them where they get their facts from,
you could easily stump them on the spot.
At the same time Hannity was saying 7 Million, the 
Washington Post was saying 4.7 million?
Both numbers are bad, but there is over a 2 million
person gap there.
So does Hannity take a fabricated story and inflate it to scare
his viewers and keep the hate machine going?
He's been doing that since before the 2008 election,
so I guess it stands to reason, that is all he knows, and he
still gets a healthy why stop lying..Right SEAN?
As was done in Wyoming by other Obama haters,
they only talked about cancellation numbers, but left
out how many policies were renewed..that's convenient.
This is one of those cases where the exact phrasing could make a big difference.
The Affordable Care Act contains provisions that state that health plans that don't have a grandfathered status and don't comply with the ACA need to be changed by 2014. After a lot of controversy and millions of Americans facing losing their health insurance for 2014, the President announced a fix that allows for insurance companies to reinstate health plans that were canceled until 2015 and has allowed insurance companies to renew other non-compliant health plans until 2015 as well.
However, insurance companies must tell policy holders that their plans do not meet the new minimum standards and must inform them about other options on the new marketplaces, including the availability of subsidies to help them pay their insurance costs.
This move will allow Americans to shop around on the exchanges and see if their is a better option for them and their family while still allowing them to keep their current health plan, regardless of if it meets the new standards of the Affordable Care Act.
OK, I might have fudged things a little bit....

To put things in perspective, an old plan that has a provision that says you
can lose your health insurance as a result of a catastrophic illness and then be
denied new insurance due to a pre-existing condition, does not meet the
standards of the new Affordable Care Act.
In other words, we don't want to see someone lose their home, all assets and then
become homeless as a result of illness.
It seems pretty clear that Sean Hannity feels that the Giant Gov plan is
socialism and needs to be scrapped.
This means a few things, Hannity does not know the definition of Socialism and
he could care less if you get sick and lose a lifetime of savings and assets.
Of course we can't rely on the Gov to babysit all of us and keep
us from harm or illness, but it makes sense to find a way
to lift the burden of rising health care costs and make sure
we don't have a few million baby boomers living in cardboard boxes,
because those folks end up in an ambulance and then an emergency
room, and guess who would pay for all that...YOU and your tax dollars.
So it seems Hannity does not understand simple math.
How did this guy get a show anyway? 

The whole idea of the new act is to make sure you have good coverage
at a good price and to stop hospitals from charging $20.00 for a Tylenol
on a hospital bill as a way to compensate for taking care of the uninsured.
You might also remember all the stories about emergency rooms closing around
the country. 
This reached a crisis level and many in the Gov agreed that something needed to
be done, thus the creation of a program designed to eliminate
all the price gouging and looking at you as nothing more
that an item on a profit and loss statment.
Its about QUALITY CARE Sean.. you get that from
your FOX health insurance as you should, but what about
a guy who gets hurt at work on the crew of your show, and finds
himself in a long term hospital stay, only to be told that due to him
not working enough hours, his insurance is ending and now he has to
pay COBRA for 14 months at $1200.00 per month, followed by
cancelled COBRA and then no insurance and now he has a 
so no insurance company will touch him and you guessed it,
he lost his job because there were a few thousand people in line waiting
for that TV Show crew job.
These are FACTS folks and this scenario we have just laid out has
happened to hundreds of thousands of people.
I guess SEAN will go pay for the crew guys expenses and bills right?
Uh... NO.
On Jan 3rd 2014  estimated that
up to 14 Million Americans will have new coverage, many of them
never had any coverage at all and were a burden on our failed system.
3.9 million people have gotten health coverage under Obamacare's Medicaid expansion.

I did a little research and found that the Washington Times
was using the 7 Million number, but that was in
Feb of 2013 
I guess Sean has been living in a CAVE?
hannity lies fox news
Errr uh....

Maybe Hannity has been hanging out with Fred Upton who
said publicly that 80 to 90 Million people will lose their health insurance.
WOW, we call that a Tall Tale where I come from, also it's a LIE.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated that those with employer-based insurance would decline by a net 7 million in 2019 compared with what would have happened in the absence of the Affordable Care Act, with 11 million losing an offer of insurance from an employer, 
3 million choosing to get their insurance
 from another source, and 7 million gaining insurance at work.
Maybe this is where Sean got the 7 Million from?
Way out of context though.
Rep. Mike Rogers, also of Michigan, used the 80 million figure on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Dec. 1, saying that 80 million people “are going to get pink slips.” 
Guess what...Never happened.
Did you know that employers regularly make changes
to employee health insurance and Sean Hannity NEVER talks
about it...
I checked the department of Health and Human Services, I checked
with various GOV sites, I looked using Google, Bing, Yahoo and
a host of other search methods, and I did not find anyone who
currently states that 7 Million people will lose their
health insurance...except this guy
affordable care act obamacare

One thing I did notice, there are plenty of debunked
claims made by Republicans when it comes
to the Affordable Care Act.
The fear that Obama might do something
that works and that Americans will reward the
left by putting Hilary in office, must have guys
like Hannity all twisted up.
The latest on this piece of work is that he now hates
New York, he's moving to Texas, and he
just said on his show that the new Tonight Show
is a "safe haven for the left" and that he misses Leno.
Looking at The new Tonight Show ratings and
the new folks at NBC who want fresh new faces
must remind Hannity of how he was just kicked
off his own show and replace with a ....well I won't say
it..Bimbo..ok I said it.
Sawwy Sean...

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